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Carla Davis

There’s a lot of noise in the jewellery industry surrounding ethical jewellery, and not all of it is as rosy as it might sound. Here at The Goldsmiths Daughter we are committed to ethical jewellery and business practices and this is what that looks like right now:

Recycled metals - We buy recycled gold in the form of sheet and wire from a refinery in the UK. Since we’re located in Australia the trade off is that we’re adding to our carbon footprint by shipping from the UK, but my personal feeling is that this is preferable to removing more gold from the earth. We also recycle metal ourselves directly from old jewellery. Some of our items are produced by casting and whilst we always try to use recycled gold it is not always possible. The same refinery in the UK can also supply us with fairtrade gold, which we are registered to use. A problem with fairtrade gold can be environmental mining practices by small scale miners, it’s not perfect but we have to start somewhere. We work with fairtrade gold for bespoke orders on request.

Ethically sourced gemstones - This is an extremely tricky issue as it is not usually possible to know exactly which mine a gem has originally come from and without knowing that it’s impossible to say whether ethical environment and humanitarian policies have been adhered to. We do have a handful of suppliers who can guarantee the ethical sourcing of their gemstones, such as our salt and pepper diamonds and the coloured stones in our bespoke range, which is coming soon. Other gems have been personally selected by myself directly from the gem cutter and this is always noted in the item description. I cannot however tell what the conditions were at the mine where the gem originated from. Tahitian pearls come from the pristine waters of French Polynesia where good environmental practices are the foundation of a healthy pearl industry. We also work with vintage gems which are drawn from stock held for years by my family or are sourced from broken or redesigned vintage jewellery. The original source of these gems is unknown but I believe in reusing what we already have. We also love to redesign your existing jewellery so please get in touch to find out more.

Data protection - This is an ongoing learning curve for us and something we feel very strongly about. Whilst we will never knowingly disclose your personal information to a third party, it turns out that we have little control over what Facebook can do with your information. To this end we have decided to close our facebook and instagram sales channels in order to protect your data when you are browsing and shopping at What this means is that you will no longer see pricing links on posts in instagram (such as the image heading this article) and will not be able to shop directly from facebook. I hope you won’t mind this small inconvenience in order to limit the access that facebook has to your data. We answer every direct message so if you have any questions about an item just get in touch! 

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