I am only one person but every person makes a difference and I am committed to building a business where profit does not come at the expense of social responsibility.
I endeavour to work primarily with recycled metals and fair trade gold.
Diamonds are sourced from suppliers with a transparent supply chain that is environmentally and socially responsible.
Tahitian pearls are sourced directly from one pearl farm which is sustainably operated.
Coloured stones are sourced from a traceable mine to market supplier or personally selected by myself directly from individual gem cutters. The source of the stone is always disclosed. I do not use misleading colloquial names for coloured gems.
I aim to minimise the impact of my business on the environment by using natural alternatives to harsh chemicals in the workshop and biodegradable shipping materials.
My jewellery boxes are designed to be treasured instead of discarded.
A portion of profits goes to support environmental good causes that I believe in.