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The Goldsmiths Daughter

22 carat gold investment bangle

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$2,100.00 AUD
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$2,100.00 AUD

Invest in gold with this solid 22 carat bangle hallmarked at the Goldsmiths Company Assay Office in London. Much more fun to wear than a gold bar.

12g of 22 carat gold in each bangle. Collect them up and wear your portfolio. A stunning idea for a graduation or coming of age gift. 

The symbols in the standard British hallmark mean the following - the first mark is my personal makers mark registered with the Goldsmiths Company, the crown mark tells you the metal is gold, the number mark 916 is for 22 carat, the leopards head is the mark for London and the V mark is for the year 2020. This hallmark is your guarantee should you need to liquidate your investment, there can be no argument over the gold content in the bangle.

Currently I have in stock two bangles with the 2020 date stamp hallmark, so if you celebrated a milestone in 2020 that you’d like to commemorate don’t hesitate too long! The date stamp punch is destroyed at the end of each year so we can only hallmark dates that are current.

The price of these bangles will fluctuate periodically with increases in the gold price.

Handmade in my studio in Australia, I ship worldwide by registered trackable airmail.