Jewellery for collectors of treasures

As a child I would spend happy hours searching for shipwreck treasure Chinese porcelain shards and carnelian trading beads on the wild beaches of the east coast of South Africa. Off the beaten track adventures are the story of my life so when we decided to move our young family permanently to Australia, buying a yacht and taking a year off for a sailing adventure seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do.

On this journey I sourced tourmalines and chalcedony from the dessert sands of Namibia, beautiful rutilated quartz in the humid jungle of Brazil and lustrous tahitian pearls from the pristine lagoons of French Polynesia. The resulting collection of jewellery is born of an epic personal journey and is made for wandering spirits in search of adventure.

I created The Goldsmiths Daughter because I am quite literally the daughter of goldsmiths. In fact my parents met each other when my mother was apprenticed to my father. I grew up surrounded by gemstones and great jewellery design. Throw in a grandmother with a treasure box of Russian family heirlooms and the stage was set for my lifelong love affair with antique jewels, gemstones and heirloom quality jewellery design.

At The Goldsmiths Daughter I am committed to using recycled or fairtrade metals wherever possible as well as vintage and ethically sourced gemstones to create heirloom jewellery that you will love for a lifetime and pass on to the next generation.

Wear your story.